Separation Anxiety In Dogs

It is comforting to know your dog will go to his preferred spot when you leave the house and then sleep peacefully until you return. Dogs with separation anxiety may not be so fortunate. 

Separation anxiety may be present in dogs who have not been socialized properly, and you can consult an expert who can help you in dealing with separation anxiety in dogs at

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Dogs are social animals that depend on their owner to provide security and protection. Adopted dogs are more likely to display separation anxiety behaviors. This is because they lack confidence in their dog's ability to understand the expectations of behavior and socialization.

Dogs with separation anxiety are upset and stressed when you have to leave for work or just to the local corner shop for five minutes. Separation anxiety can cause a dog to bark, whine, or tear apart your couch.

The cause of separation anxiety is a subject of much debate. Some believe that it is due to insecurity, which causes dogs to depend too much on their owners. This is where you need to help your dog accept that you will be leaving.

Your dog should learn that departures and arrivals have nothing to be excited about. The dog usually feels most anxious shortly after you leave. You should practice the "routine," of coming and going with your dog.

Both humans and dogs can benefit from exercise. Your dog's stress levels can be reduced by taking a walk, running, or playing before you leave.