Various Eco-Friendly Features Of LastRound

LastRound is a reusable option to round and pad makeup. The shape-shifting fabric is similar to regular cotton rounds and can be used up to 1750 times. Every pack includes 7 reusable cotton pads. However, there are several uses of LastRound cotton wipes that are also discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.

Sustainable Makeup Removal:

LastRound is a reusable option for cotton rounds and makeup pads. The reusable cotton rounds are made from a shape-shifting fabric that feels like regular cotton rounds. You can use them to remove makeup, or just to clean your skin.

LastRound Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

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Simple to Clean & Reuse:

Rinse with water, or machine wash LastRounds at 140°F/60°C in our Laundry Bag. Do not dry the LastRounds before you put them back in their cases! Each LastRound can be reused up to 1,750 more times, helping the environment.

Danish Eco-Design Quality:

LastRound is 100% made from renewable materials. Each round can be composted. This case was designed in Denmark and made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. It can be used in your makeup bag or toilet.

What are the best ways to use reusable makeup removers?

In most cases, you can simply apply the chosen makeup remover to the pad and then wipe off any makeup. Some clothes and mitts are made of microfibre, which only requires water to clean. Microfibre is super absorbent and densely fibrous. 

How can you clean reusable cotton pads:

Reusable cotton pads can be washed in the washer, while others need to be washed by hand. Some pads come with cotton wash bags or mesh that help keep them together. Although washing instructions may vary from brand to brand, they are usually listed on the packaging.