Rock Hill Family Law Attorney Discusses Relocating After A Divorce

Moving after divorce may seem like an easy procedure. As long as there isn't a Court Order in effect stating that otherwise, you are in the position to relocate anytime. If, however, you wish to move with your children and there's any visitation or custody order in force.

Then your fundamental freedom to move around freely is limited by the Court's jurisdiction regarding the place where your children are moving. For any legal matter, you can consult the family law attorney of Rock Hill through

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Parents who have recently gone through a divorce should speak with an attorney for divorce before deciding to relocate with a minor child. If the move resulted in the child's parent not receiving the required time to visit as stipulated by the Court Order, then it could be viewed as a violation of the Court.

Parents who are not custodial are not required to seek permission from the Courts to be granted permission to relocate. The move can alter the rights of the parent who is visiting particularly if it blocks the parent from visiting regularly with the child.

If a non-custodial parent fails to attend visits or other visits, the other parent can seek to revoke their rights or an amendment to the visitation schedule. Thus, it is in the best interests of the child as well as the parent who is not a custodial individual to seek legal advice regarding the modification of the visitation arrangements.

The judge will examine the language used in the current custody and visitation orders, and a parent granted a 50/50 timeshare will be treated differently than a parent with a 5% timeshare or is subject to supervision only.