Health Purposes of Dicalcium Phosphate

Manufacturers use dicalcium phosphate in many products. Chemists add it to your toothpaste and makeup. Hygienists use it to clean your teeth. Dentists use it to restore your jaw. And doctors use it to repair your joints. You can also use this chemical to serve many health benefits. To buy this chemical you can search for dicalcium phosphate for sale online 

Dicalcium Phosphate for Bone Healing

Orthopaedic surgeons use dicalcium phosphate during bone grafts. A May 2018 paper noted that this chemical closely resembles natural bone. This similarity gives doctors new options for blending synthetic and real bone to create a strong matrix for the healing process. Synthetic bone also allows drug delivery to the healing area via nanoparticles.

Dicalcium Phosphate for Oral Health

Oral surgeons also use dicalcium phosphate to aid in the healing process. A May 2018 article in the Open Dentistry Journal described the positive impact the chemical can have on oral health. Your body can't tell the difference between dicalcium phosphate and real teeth. Dicalcium phosphate can also replace fluoride as the best way to prevent tooth decay. 

Dicalcium Phosphate as a Supplement

Farmers often supplement their livestock feed with inorganic phosphorus. This technique compensates for the low availability and poor digestibility of food-related phosphorus. A January 2018 report in the Journal of Entomology and Zoology showed that dicalcium phosphate supplementation created high levels of circulating phosphorus. Many people with mineral deficiencies use supplements to give them access to calcium and phosphorus.