Guide About SVG File

SVG is an extensible markup language (XML)-based vector graphic format for the Web and other environments. XML uses tags like HTML, although it’s stricter. You cannot, for example, omit a closing tag since this will make the file invalid and the SVG will not be rendered.

SVG is a W3C standard, which means that it can inter-operate easily with other open standard languages and technologies including JavaScript, DOM, CSS, and HTML.It is also use for SVG designs.

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As long as the W3C sets the global industry standards, it’s likely that SVG will continue to be the de facto standard for vector graphics in the browser.

Under the hood, SVG uses shapes, numbers, and coordinates rather than a pixel grid to render graphics in the browser, which makes it resolution-independent and infinitely scalable.

If you think about it, the instructions for creating a circle are the same whether you’re using a pen or a skywriting plane. Only the scale changes.