What’s a Dental Implant?

Implants are fabricated materials that are placed surgically at the upper or lower jaw, in which they operate as anchors for replacing teeth. For this process to function, there should be sufficient bone in the jaw, and the bone should be powerful to support the dental implant.

When there's insufficient bone, you might need to get augmentation done of the bone. See if the surrounding teeth maintain good health so, that the other teeth do not get infected. You can look for dental implants specialist via https://greenspointdental.com/cosmetic-dentistry/dental-implants/.

There are loads of reasons to replace a lost tooth. You should get proper guidance from the dentist before begging the procedure. The missing teeth are evident once you smile or talk, which suggests that it needs to perform a cosmetic process. Based on the position, a few missing teeth might impact your speech. Missing teeth can look bad when you speak or smile, and affect your chewing capacity.

When a tooth is lost, the biting pressure onto the rest of the teeth builds up. And there's a probability of additional strain and distress in the jaw. You need to replace the infected teeth to save the surrounding teeth. Harmful tartar and plaque can accumulate in fresh hard-to-reach places made by tooth.