Why You Need An Attorney In A Domestic Violence Case In Toronto?

If you were hurt in a domestic violence situation, whether it occurred one time or was an ongoing situation, an attorney can help you by:

Protecting you from police abuse or over-reach: If you were a victim of domestic abuse, you should have an attorney present when you speak to the police. Police officers are not always trained to handle victims of domestic violence, especially victims of violence.

experienced domestic assault lawyers in Toronto can easily handle your domestic violence case in Toronto.

Trial Court: As a victim of domestic violence, you may be interested in getting out of the situation as quickly as possible and avoiding lengthy legal battles. If you would like the charge against a criminal defendant to be dropped, contact us today so we can discuss your position with the prosecutor who will decide whether to prosecute or not.

Allows You to Avoid Testimony: If the prosecutor makes an allegation, whether you like it or not, your attorney can help you avoid testimony. It is important to understand that a refusal to testify in writing or orally does not mean that the case will be dropped. The prosecution may proceed based on other evidence. However, we can help protect you and your family from aggressive prosecutors.

Issue a restraining order: If you are still concerned about your safety or the safety of your children, we can apply for a domestic violence detention order.

Depending on the situation, you may request a personal conduct order that instructs others to refrain from certain actions, a social distancing order that instructs others to maintain a certain distance from you and certain places, and/or an exclusion order that instructs that other person to move out of your shared living space.