Why The Barcelona Chair Has Been Recognized By Time Magazine?

In Time Magazine, Barcelona chairs have been honored with gold standards regarding their seating design. The seat of molded plywood is amazingly light weighted and comfortable. Its design and comfort level made a standard by which other chairs' attributes got measured.

You can find these chairs on the top of the list of chairs that got copied by other designers. This design is not only recognized locally but also made its place all over the world.

A combination of Barcelona stools, tables, and couches is a classical artistic creation of one of the famous designers of his time by George Kolbe. His work reminds and revives the culture of Germany and its competency and shows his creativity.

The most popular Barcelona chairs were created by the combined effort of Mies and Lilly Reich; both remained partners for a long time. Reich was known as a skilled architect as well as a designer and still his masterpieces are famous all over the world.

The older folding camping chairs inspired designers to make Barcelona chairs design. The recent manner of designing furniture provided the desired level of diversity and liberty to the new designers. It's not wrong to say that Barcelona chairs are pioneers of modern furniture and this classical design changed the concept of furniture creation.