Why Polished Concrete Floors Are Special in Los Angeles?

Concrete is just that solid grey stuff that people use for driveways, road surfaces on industrial estates, warehouse floors where there are forklift trucks running about all day, factory floors in engineering works, whole buildings, and more. 

Concrete is being used more and more in places because it can actually be polished! And that even goes for people's homes as well. Architects are designing homes and specifying polished concrete for the flooring. A flat concrete specialist in Los Angeles can bring concrete up to such a shine that it reflects light like a mirror!

flat concrete work

Because it's strong and stands up to a lot of wear and tear. It does stand up to a lot of wear and tear which is why it is used a lot, and it also looks pretty dismal. How it looks is not why people use it. You can even drive tanks over it, so people walking on it or lorries driving over it aren't going to do a lot of damage.

So what's it made of?

It is composed of just three things: rock, sand, or gravel; cement; and water. Couldn't be easier really, could it? Mix 'em up and you have concrete.

In fact, a polished concrete floor requires virtually no maintenance at all. All you need is a damp mop over it every so often. What's more, it doesn't absorb spills. Drop some paint or red wine on many floors and you have a stain. If it's carpet or wood you have a real problem. If it's polished concrete you simply wipe it off with a rag.