Who Else Wants to Avoid Vision Loss Due to Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition that forms when there is an abnormal production of glucose in the blood. The glucose in our blood needs nutrients to maintain the body's needs. These nutrients are formed when the food we eat has been digested. As a result, nutrients in food are turned into sugar. That is what we call glucose. This glucose will be transported to the cells of our body through our blood.

Also, this glucose works with the insulin produced by the pancreas. Insulin is a pancreatic juice. The cells of your bodywork with insulin. And this is how energy is produced by converting blood glucose into energy.

Consequently, the supply of glucose increases but cannot be converted into energy because there is a problem in the supply of insulin. Hyperglycemia is the term used when there is an excess of glucose in the blood to the cells of the body. If you are looking for the best San Diego Elmiron lawyers visithttps://www.elmironeyelawsuits.com/san-diego-elmiron-lawyer/.

However, there are three different types of diabetes that you should know about. These are listed below.

o Type 1

This type of diabetes is present in children and young people. This occurs when the immune system destroys pancreatic cells that must make enough insulin.

o Type 2

Type 2 is the most popular diabetes. Sometimes they call it "adult-onset diabetes." Normally, your pancreas can supply enough insulin as the need increases, but in the long term, the supply can decrease when cells that consume insulin have problems using insulin.

or gestational

This usually happens among pregnant women. Although this disease can occur in the latter part of your pregnancy period, it can also decrease after giving birth. Gestational diabetes is the result of insufficient insulin supply due to pregnancy.

But whatever type of diabetes you have, you are still at risk of going blind. Yes, blindness is one of the consequences of having diabetes. But don't panic just yet because it is curable as long as it is diagnosed earlier and you are taking preventive measures for this disease.