What Are The Key Features Of Hydraulic Motors?

The hydraulic motor becomes a valuable part of life to transform hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. It is used for many applications including self-propelled cranes, agitator drives, crane drives, and more.

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There are mainly two types namely epicyclic gear motors and hydraulic gear motors. 

Hydraulic Gear Motors

This is an amazing discovery that is used as a simple rotating system. It is a high-speed motor used in agricultural machinery and mobile hydraulics to drive the conveyor belt, screw conveyor, and a dispersion plate.

The main feature of the hydraulic gear motor:

  • various temperatures
  • low weight and size
  • Less cost
  • Variation speed
  • simple design
  • long-endurance

Epicyclic Gear Motors

Epicyclic motors are slow motor speeds and are also known as the ring gear, or gear motors orbit hydraulic motor current high-speed motor which has a similar design to the external gear pump. Their main benefits include high rpm, durability, low initial cost, and higher tolerance to contamination.

 The main feature of the epicyclic gear motor:

  • Small size
  • minimum oil leak
  • Large displacement volume
  • low noise level

These motors provide higher efficiency solutions and reliable performance for a wide range of industries. Having internal leakage is less compared to the gear motor, the motor is used for agricultural machinery, industrial applications, and mobile applications. Renowned manufacturers design super-quality motors with custom configurations and large capabilities that provide satisfactory performance under the most demanding conditions.