Things To Know About Automatic Tire Chains

Automatic tire chains are a natural product of modern technology. These tire chains can be used to save time and eliminate the hassle of attaching tire chains during wet or wintry conditions. You can also search online to hire an expert for installing the best automatic tire chains in your truck.

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You can use automatic tire chains on pickup trucks, buses, RVs, mobile homes, trucks, and buses. They offer the same traction as a single set of conventional snow chains, without the need to stop or get out of your vehicle.

Drivers can install automatic tire chains by mounting an electric switch to the dashboard. This provides 12 volts to an auto-torque solenoid that is mounted on the vehicle's frame rail. The vehicle's onboard compressor kit or the vehicle's air system provides compressed air. The solenoid opens when the dashboard switch is triggered. 

This allows compressed air to enter and lower the chain wheel until it touches the tire's inside. The friction between the tire's rubber-covered wheel and the chain wheel causes it to turn, which generates enough centrifugal force for the chains to move in front of the tire. The chain is spaced at 60 degrees intervals, with six lengths per side. 

This ensures that the tire and road service is always connected. You can get traction in both forward and reverse. The solenoid exhales air from the dashboard switch, and the chain wheels return to their normal position.