The Best Tool For Car Odor Removal – Use an Ozone Generator!

The automobile industry has relied on chemical perfumes and odor-act ants for the past fifty years. This involves cleaning, washing, and then spraying or fogging chemical-based odor-act ants and/or chemical perfumes in the car. 

An odor bomb is another popular option. This is a temporary solution that quickly wears out or you can look for an ozone cleaning machine via, this is the best option for all problems.

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Hows It works

How does ozone eliminate odors? Ozone reacts to odor molecules by adding the "extra" oxygen atom from the ozone molecule into the odor molecule. This changes the chemical composition of the odor molecule so that it doesn't have the same chemical mixture. This chemical reaction is known as oxidation.

After 2-3 hours, the ozone settles and the molecules detach, reverting to conventional, safe-to-breathe oxygen. After turning off an ozone generator, wait a few hours before entering back in.

There is a better way!

Instead of trying to mask an odor using perfumes that evaporate quickly, why don't you eliminate the odorants right at the source? Auto detailers have had access to a wide range of ozone generators for many years. The majority of these machines are very expensive and have very low output.