The Best Pool Covers to Buy This Summer

With installing a new pool in your yard comes a great deal of responsibility regarding taking care of it and keeping everyone around you safe. One of the best safety measures you can take to keep your pool a little clean is a pool safety cover. There are many retractable pool cover options to choose from, and each has a unique feature that may be a perfect fit for your needs.

Solar pool cover

Although it is a lightweight material, a solar pool cover is great for keeping your pool clear of debris as well as keeping the water warm. This is the most commonly used cover.

The disadvantage of this type of cover is that no weight can be held by it at all. If a child steps on the solar cover, he will get wrapped in it which will be very dangerous. If you have this type of cover then the best way to keep your pool safe is to install a fence and pool alarm for the swimming pool.

Net pool cover

It is a step above solar cover in terms of protection as such cover should not give way with weight. However, while a net can provide a secure cover, debris and insects are more likely to get into your pool due to the smaller opening. While net covers are more secure, they should not be operated on, especially by young children, as the appendages can get stuck in small holes.

However, net covers can be combined with other materials such as solar covers or plastic as a means to keep debris out.