Stop That Thumb Sucking Habit

As early as 15 weeks in-vivo, thumb or finger-sucking is often seen to develop. The growing fetuses have their hands very close to their faces inside the womb and it is not very hard to locate their thumbs or fingers. However, as soon as the baby is born, its limbs can not be coordinated enough to bring their fingers to their mouths, sometimes resulting in a lot of scratching of the ears. You can stop finger sucking and thumb sucking by using guards on their thumbs.

(Age 2-7) STOP Thumb Sucking - stop FINGER Sucking - The Hand Stopper thumb guard

They can quickly direct their fingers into their mouth by the time they are three or four months old, and that is when the habit actually seems to take a foothold in the life of the infant. Some kids find it easier to suck their thumbs, while others may have some other favorite fingers. 

Thumb-sucking is not that troubling at the age of two to four years old. When they have found some more fun things to do with their hands, most kids can give up the habit. However, some kids keep sucking their fingers well past 6 years of age. This is where the issue starts. The habit is strengthened at this age, and it is not easy to give up. 

Therefore, it is best to break the habit early in the life of a child. Most of the time, avoiding this habit in their children is quite the intimidating job for parents. But bear in mind a few pointers, and in no time your child will be weaned away from the thumb.