Types Of Flatware And Ways To Maintain Them

Flatware in simple terms is table utensils used for eating food like forks, spoons, utensils, and all of those which are fairly flat in shape. Some items of flatware are extremely important in many parts of the world.

In the western world, as plates, knives, forks, and spoons are used to eat meals, these types of flatware are a necessity for dining. Read this article carefully to know about flatware sets.

Flatware can be broadly divided into two, one for day to day normal use and the other for specific occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Normal cutlery is made of stainless steel while the expensive types are made from Sterling Silver, Nickel Plate, or even Gold Plating.

As for plates, normally they are available in ceramic materials such as bone china or porcelain. It's feasible to compare flatware to clothing, people may wear regular clothes while going about their everyday life while for special occasions, they tend to wear outfits of greater quality.

There is also a third category of categories made from plastic and these are inexpensive and affordable to purchase. Their main purpose is used in temporary or mobile situations where it offers greater practicality. They are normally used and then disposed of.

Typically they are used for tour purposes including camping, picnics, and at fast-food feeding outlets. In places such as camping, it makes complete sense to use plastic flatware as the weight of the things is low and they can be thrown away after use.