All About The Banks And Mortgage Brokers In Ireland

Over the last decade franchised mortgage agents in Ireland have undergone boom times. Mortgage Option, RAMS, Wizard and many others enlarged to meet with the demand for credit in the proliferation of fixed-rate credit suppliers; until lately. There is no escaping the brutal fact of this credit crisis, it is hitting the non-financial industry toughest.

According to the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) the market share of non-bank mortgage originators has dropped from a peak of 15 percent to approximately 4 percent, efficiently bringing an abrupt halt to the trend in the late 1990s. Mortgage agents in Ireland often work in what are known as a franchise environment. This is different from a having an "independent". 

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A franchisor has plenty of controls set on the mortgage agents. Consumers do anticipate brands however, the franchisees are disadvantaged by not having the ability to operate openly in their own markets. Commission structures are usually stacked in favor of their franchise category; the agreement terms are onerous.

The guarantees made to mortgage brokers who attempt to take purchase a franchise or to work inside franchise surroundings is that prospects will be offered.  Mortgage agents however, thrive on great quality prospects. More often than not however, the quality of prospects is minimal. 

They are normally web-generated and frequently once you follow up them they do not understand why you're calling. Other mortgage brokers combine "aggregator" groups. In the marketplace as it stands now, mortgage brokers will need to be "accepted" by banks prior to making mortgage software on behalf of customers.