Different Methods For Manufacturing Custom Foam Interiors For Transit Cases

Like so many different items, shipping cases, carrying cases and custom instances can be manufactured utilizing an assortment of different materials according to your durability requirements. For the greatest security custom foam along with the ideal case, the structure is an essential component of the packing of sensitive and valuable products. You can buy amazing Custom Cut Foam for the protection equipment.

By knowing what all those different foam production methods must offer, you can acquire a much better understanding of which sort of custom foam is perfect for you along with your packing requirements. Various techniques for producing custom foam – and their very best usage – are summarized below.

Die-Cut Custom Foam

Die-cutting is used to make massive amounts (usually over 25) of designed products. If your company will need a high number of a specific situation for packaging your merchandise available at the retail or industrial markets, the business which you contract to fabricate them might very well utilize die-cutting because of its efficacy and cost-saving advantages.

Band Saw/Hand-cut

Band Saw is a great single-piece cutting edge method. It is ideal for rapid prototypes with minimal detail and a couple of cavities. Typically the pattern picture is drawn on the bottom of the foam then cut using a band saw with a distinctive low dust foam blade. 

Water Jet Design

Water jet cutting is a favorite manufacturing process that involves having a high-pressure jet of water to do precision cuts and layouts. If you can draw it together with CAD you may cut it.