Budget Friendly Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Choosing what new finishes you will put in your kitchen remodel is one of the most important and difficult decisions in any home renovation. The last thing you want to do is tear out your old kitchen, and then replace it all with something that goes out of style in a year or two. The current trends for a proper kitchen remodel includes mostly white finishes and open shelving instead of upper cabinets. You can see a great example of a DIY kitchen renovation completed with white shaker cabinets, quartz counter tops, and open upper shelves from TailHappyTV on YouTube. White shaker cabinets in the kitchen are a timeless choice, so you don't need to worry about them going out of style any time soon. Quartz counter tops in the kitchen is one of the more expensive choices you can make, but they are also among the most durable and strong counter tops choices on the market.

Choosing open shelving for the upper cabinets in a kitchen renovation is a controversial finish. Many people like the look of open shelving, and it can save you a ton of money on a kitchen renovation, but it also reduces the amount of storage space you'll have in the kitchen. The downside of using open shelving in a kitchen remodel is you will need to keep it tidy and organized in order for it to actually look good. Unlike closed shelving, you can't just pack stuff into the kitchen cabinets since it will be visible all the time. Kitchen remodel ideas are a dime a dozen, so just be sure to choose something that fits your budget and something people actually want to buy.