Follow The Advanced Onboarding Functionality

With the dramatic increase in teleworking over the past year, many companies are struggling to recruit remotely. This may be due to a combination of inefficient switching processes and a lack of efficient technology. 

Custom embedded portal

You can view more here to check the offers for a great on-board experience tailored to the role of every new starter. Make it easy to fill out payroll forms, training and other input tasks.

Automated work process

Set and forget text or email workflows and to-do lists with reminders to help newbies and new executives thrive.

Integrated talent management system

PageUp Onboarding integrates seamlessly with PageUp Recruitment so you can start signing up as soon as new entrants accept their offer. This module is also linked to PageUp Learning to provide training so people can start their development before day one.

Assign and track tasks

Automate task assignments, review task progress and compliance documents, and quickly remove bottlenecks to achieve 100 percent compliance. Customize tasks on the go.


Provide smooth e-learning activities before and after launch. Newcomers do not need to wait for access to other systems.

As the first and only complete platform for remote workforce solutions, onboarding software supports you in creating your automated recording process. Our experts develop and document your process and create a smooth and efficient recording process.