Spend Some Time Together with Family Getaways

I have found that we often take things for granted until they change. You see, my husband and I have ideal twin children. You may think that all parents feel the same way about their children, but our twins are truly extraordinary. Their appearance and personality are their own because they are not identical twins.

We have done many family getaways to various parts of the country over the years. My family had taken pleasure trips and mission trips through our church. My husband suggested that we should have another of our family getaways before our children go to college. You can find the best family getaways through https://allenberry.com/hotel-packages-pa/.

We know that they will have less time to spend with family once they enter the college scene. We decided that we should take our trip over the Christmas holidays because our children have jobs in the summer months.

I wanted to share travel memories while we planned a new one, so I planned a meal and searched for pictures we had taken on past family outings. I stopped by a travel agency and brought home brochures on some popular destinations.

Rather than huddle around the computer screen, I thought it would be easier to look at brochures. We ate spaghetti and meatballs and then told the kids that we wanted to plan another of our family getaways that night. However, they both started making excuses as to why we should wait and try to do something together in the summer instead of on vacation. I was very surprised because I couldn't believe they didn't want to spend time with us.

It turned out that they wanted to surprise us with the Christmas trip as a Christmas present. They had saved money from their summer jobs to buy us the trip. As a result, we spoke with the travel agent and were able to change the week to the vacation week and bought two more tickets. We decided to make it one of our family getaways.