Is Raw Honey Real Honey?

Raw honey differs from processed honey in that it is "natural". Unfortunately, most of the honey available at our local grocery store today is heavily processed. You can now buy raw bee products online from a reliable source. 

Why Raw Honey and Not Just Honey? - NDTV Food

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Many commercial honey products are chemically refined, which takes away many of the health benefits that honey can offer. This is why raw honey is unlike most, it is unique in that it retains the same properties as when it was made in a beehive.

Most of the honey consumed today is involved in a disruptive heating process that destroys some of nature's most important enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The problem is that some nutrients are sensitive to heat. 

Therefore, they do not survive the pasteurization process. It removes nutrients from commercially available honey and turns it from a dark solid to the ideal golden liquid honey. Commercial honey is heated and filtered to make it easier to package and process, looks cleaner and smoother, and looks attractive on store shelves.

What makes raw honey so special? The difference is that pasteurization doesn't overheat. This then retains all the nutrients that the honey processes are unstretched. The enzymes it contains make it easier for humans to digest.

Raw honey is often filtered, but to a very small degree it can be characterized by finely structured crystals and containing particles of bee pollen, propolis and honeycomb. You will also find that it stays harder at room temperature. This sequence provides reassurance that it still contains the natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that were originally used.