Stocking Terminology in the Lingerie World

With most things in the realm of underwear, there is a completely unexpected wording, for example, stockings compared to the various universes of the garment. Stockings have their special term as a feature of the underwear world.

A see-through stocking with a heel that is made with folded over then sewn together for reinforcement is known as a Cuban heel. Cuban narcissism is in many cases found in dangerous tones and even brilliant cinematography, for example, red.

A demi-toe is known as stockings, a strong toe with half of the base joining at the top, which brings about a support that rests on the toes rather than the entire toe Covers the tip. Demi-toe can do with a strong heel or without a firm heel.


The fishnet is a stitch stocking that has all kinds of open stitches that occur after the fishnet, yet the open weave can make an accidental change on the manufacturer. The mesh of the fence is like a fishnet, yet a much more widespread example of this, and now and then another pair of stockings or pantyhose are worn, for example, matte or misty, with differential shading for the layered look.

Full molded stockings are known for how seam level they are and the material is then cut and the individual sides are then attached to a crease. Until the 1960s, fully-stocked stockings were the most well-known style and were similarly known as back crease stockings, which have seen a resurgence in notoriety.