Some Easy Methods to Treat Your Dogs Anxiety

Dog separation anxiety is a situation where the dog starts behaving very differently, whining, barking, and crying all day, often becomes destructive, chews on furniture, and tries to run away. These days, a dog will literally chew on a glass window to escape, but this can be stopped if you take precautions and follow tips that can reduce the frequency and anxiety. 

Before starting treatment, you must first address the cause so you can get detailed information about what needs to be fixed. If you need any help, then click on for treating dog separation anxiety problems.

Some Medications for Separation Anxiety Includes:

Use Drug Therapy: A person can use drug therapy to help their dog out of this anxiety syndrome. Every dog is different and therefore drug therapy should be used depending on the severity of the condition. 

This therapy can help dogs regain their confidence and thereby significantly alleviate the situation.       Dogs with severe anxiety problems are often given medication to treat them. The most common drugs are fluoxetine and clomipramine.

Behavior Modification Therapy: Since separation anxiety is a rigorous treatment task, simple obedience training will not work (unless the condition is severe). Behavior modification helps your dog change his behavior when you don't.

Play Methods: If you help your dog exercise and engage him ineffective exercise, your dog will be tired, and a tired dog will want to rest for a nap. Practice this every day and you can get rid of the fear of parting with the dog.