Singapore Refurbishing the Office – What to Expect

Your office space is one of the most important aspects of your business. If you want your employees to be productive, it is essential that your work environment is pleasant and well-organized.

Maybe your office space is functional but needs some updating. Perhaps you are looking for more space or a way to make a junk area into a meeting space or provide a more inviting space for clients.

What’s the deal?

You will be aided by a qualified office renovation company in Singapore to plan and carry out your office renovation.

Step 1 – Planning. Your shop fitter will meet with you to answer these (and other) questions.

* Communication and technology requirements
* Privacy or open space
* Reception areas
* The number of seats and the functional areas (eg hot desks or training areas)
* Accessibility to bathrooms and reception
* Colours, decor, paintings, branding etc
* If you are looking for new office furniture, such as chairs or desks
* Your budget

This stage will allow you to determine if the work can be done during office hours or if you need to close the office. Although many shop fitters are skilled, they can still work in areas that require minimal disruption. However, this will depend on the extent of the refurbishment.

Step 2 – Preliminary plans will be drawn. You’ll discuss their effectiveness and make small adjustments.

Step 3 – Execution. Shop fitters often have the option to work on weekends and after hours, but it is possible for some disruption.

No matter how large or small your office remodel is, it’s important to plan it properly and hire reputable companies with the right licenses and insurance.