Roof Curbs – All You Need to Know

Before installing roof curbs, there are many aspects to consider. It is significant to know the pitch of the roof as well as the style and manufacturer of the roof panel. Different panels can have different profile styles and rib height conditions. Paint color can be useful to know as well since rooftop curbs can be custom painted to match your roof.

Poorly fitted roof curbs can cause as much as a 30% performance loss on airflow systems due to leaks, temperature losses, or airflow losses. This is why it is important to work with professional installers with the expertise to properly mount rooftop curbs and test for points of leakage.  To get the best quality roof curbs, you can contact

Almost all commercial buildings have some blend of hatches, skylights, vents, condensers, and fans. These items all cost money, add weight to your roof, and must penetrate your roof’s membrane to do their job. Rooftop curbs are the essential component required to protect your investment in equipment, ensure safety, prevent inefficient operation, and avoid damaging water leaks.

A professional team is made up of industry experts who can guide you to the rooftop curbs, accessories, and flashing suited for your unique situation. They will help you choose the materials and assemblies for your roof type, access points, and equipment.