Rejuvenate Ageing Hands with Dermal Filler Injections

We use our hands all day long and if we don't take care of them they can look older than them. Hands deal with years of washing, daily use, sunlight and environmental factors that cause the skin on our hands to dry out and look worn after years.

Our skin may look younger and healthier for longer when we practice a good skincare routine, but unfortunately we don't seem to pay the same attention to our hands as we do our faces. You can visit aaams if you are looking to learn the art of aesthetics.

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Blood vessels and bones become more visible as we age because the skin on our hands is thinner and more sensitive than anywhere else, and just as we lose fat and collagen from our face and body, we lose fat and collagen in our hands.

Adult spots are also known as liver spots or sun spots. These are hyperpigmented areas caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. Mature freckles can become a little less visible with skin lighteners, lightening or lightening creams, or laser therapy.

  • Exfoliating with microdermabrasion treatment removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin softer, more radiant and helping to even out skin tone. If you are exfoliating at home, you should apply the same product to your hands.
  • Always wet your hands after they are in the water. Apply an anti-aging moisturizer when it's damp.
  • Chemical peels remove dead skin and improve skin tone, smooth skin and remove brown spots.
  • Laser treatment can increase collagen production, which helps replenish the skin.