Reasons You Need Emergency Tree Removal Services

There’s nothing more stressful than an unexpected event derailing your plans. No matter what caused your needs for emergency tree removal services, the bottom line is you need it handled and fast.

A damaged, diseased, or hanging tree could create a risk for your home, family, or property of your neighbor and power lines.

emergency tree removal

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To avoid severe damage to your home, you should call the 24-hour emergency tree removal company if you have one of the following issues in your trees.

Signs It’s Time To Consider Emergency Tree Removal Services

Weather Disaster Caused Tree or Branches to Damage Your Property

In summer or winter storms can take the trees from your backyard. Stormy winds, heavy lightning, rain, massive snow, and ice are frequent causes of injury to trees as well as their branches. In the worst case, the fallen branches and trees can cause damage to your vehicle, home garage, or property.

Below are some of the frequent reasons for weather tree damage that could need to be removed urgently:

Windstorms with strong winds and rainstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes are among the most frequently cited causes of damage to trees. Wind can take trees from their soil or even twist the tree. If the tree isn't strong enough its trunk could snap which causes the tree to die or to fall.

The force of heavy rain and flooding could remove sediment and expose the tree's roots, thereby weakening the roots' anchor and eventually causing the tree to slide over.

A heavy snowfall or accumulation of ice can cause branches to split off.