Mornington, Peninsula Has A Lot to Offer To Visitors

Mornington Peninsula is an attractive tourist attraction for people visiting Melbourne looking to enjoy an experience on a wine tour or bus tour of the area with its Point Nepean National Park and the stunning coast across the Bass Strait. There are plenty of activities and things to do when you visit the Mornington Peninsula. You can also search online to plan Mornington peninsula hot spring tour.

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The Mornington Peninsula is a historic region of Victoria because it was the first that was settled in 1803 after whalers and sealers settled there. Since then, because it's been mostly controlled by the government, many of the old sites have been preserved, including The Point Nepean National Park and the Mornington Peninsula National Park which preserved their natural beauty along the coast and along the shoreline that runs along the Bass Strait. 

The military can also enjoy the Melbourne excursion by bus to the peninsula's naval museum as well as visit the 19th-century tunnels that are part of Fort Nepean. The location offers spectacular views of Bass Strait. Cape Schanck Lighthouse is also worthwhile to visit if are planning a trip to the area for a vacation it's just one of many things to do and see in the region.

Many historical houses can be visited during a Melbourne bus tour around the region. These will provide tourists with an insight into the early colonial times in the peninsula. One of the oldest homesteads in Victoria is the McCrae property was constructed in 1844 and has been furnished with many original pieces, is accessible on guided tours.