Kava Root Is Beneficial For Your Overall Health

Kava Root is believed to be native to the New-Guinea, Indonesia region. It's part of the family known as pepper and the name is derived from the Greek which means "intoxicating." Kava is well-known as a remedy to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Kava has mild effects of sedation that could reduce insomnia and boost quality of sleep.

The active ingredient that is present in Kava Root is a family of bioactive constituents known as Kavalactones. These Kavalactones consist of Kawain, Dihydrokawain, Methysticine and Dihydromathystine are believed to be responsible for being able to affect the Limbic System in the brain which is the brain's control center for the emotions. 

This could be the reason for Kava root's ability to relieve symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. The sedative properties of Kava root are originate from MAO-B and Noradrenaline which are responsible in the process of breaking down Dopamine.

kava roots

Kava is quickly broken down by the digestive tract which is why Kava Root provides fast-acting sedation due to this. The results of Kava Root include an increased social and calm mood, and heightened sensitivities of the senses. If taken in a larger dosage, the relaxing effects will aid in deeper sleep.

Research has shown that Kava Root can have positive effects on people suffering from anxiety disorders. A study of 101 patients suffering from anxiety over a long period assessed the effects from Kava Root on the symptoms they experience. 

It was found that Kava Root showed significant superiority over placebo when patients evaluated their anxiety symptoms with an instrument called the Hamilton Ratings Scale for Anxiety. It also demonstrated that adverse effects of Kava Root are very rare and are mild.