Information About NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit

Premature infants and those who have low birth weights typically require additional nutrition to help them overcome their weight issues and also to boost their metabolism as they grow. This is the reason that most hospitals, doctors, or, nurses advise that babies born prematurely who have low birth weights and can be fed formula even if the baby isn’t breastfeeding.

This is a normal option and one that we believe to be secure. However, that is not always the case. You can sue the formula-making firms through professional NEC formula attorneys if your baby develops NEC condition.

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Recent studies have revealed that certain formulas made from cow’s milk are associated with a fatal disease. Particularly, the consumption of cow’s milk has been associated with the increased risk of developing a digestive disorder known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) which could result in the wall of your intestinal tract being inflamed and then destroyed. This could lead to bleeding, infection, and even death.

Unfortunately, no one has taken the initiative to inform already stressed mothers and fathers of this. Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson & Company (the producers of Similac and Enfamil respectively) haven’t added warning labels on their products about the possible dangers of a baby who is prematurely being diagnosed with NEC because of cow’s milk.

You are entitled to trust companies that assume the responsibility of producing food for babies to be secure and effective. If they fail in doing that, and this leads to death or injury or even death, you have the right to pursue justice. Your family could have the right to compensate for medical expenses as well as loss of wages, funeral expenses, and the suffering resulting from the child’s injuries or tragically dying.