How To Study Vedic Science Online?

The Vedic Sciences are a branch of knowledge that originates from the Vedic period (1500- 500 BCE). The Vedic period is a golden age in India’s history and its culture is one of the most significant achievements in the development of Hinduism. 

The Vedic Sciences were developed during this time and encompassed a wide range of topics including philosophy, religion, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine.

There are many ways to study the Vedic Sciences online. One option is to enroll in a distance learning program offered by a Sanskrit University in the United States. These programs provide ample opportunity to learn from experienced teachers and participate in discussions and projects. If you are interested in Vedic science online, visit

Hindu Studies Foundations - Hindu University of America

Another option is to use online resources provided by Vedic University. These resources include video lectures, textbooks, flashcards, and quizzes. Although these online learning options are offered by Vedic University, they are not limited to students of the Vedic Sciences. 

The entire community is welcome to visit these pages and continue the tradition of Vedic Studies. It is our hope that the wisdom of Vedic learning will permeate through all segments of society and become a part of your daily life.

Vedic University and Sanskrit University are two of the oldest universities in North America. Both universities were founded in 1881 and offer courses in Vedic Astrology, Sanskrit Grammar, Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda, Indian Philosophy, Buddhist Studies, Jainism, and more. 

These schools have a long history of teaching traditional Asian wisdom to students around the world. If you're looking to learn about ancient eastern philosophies or want to study at a prestigious university with strong ties to Asia, Vedic University or Sanskrit University should be your top choice.