Hiring a Marquee Or Party Tent

Renting a marquee or a Party Tent for your event is becoming more and more popular all over the globe. This article will cover how to plan your event, and what are the rules and regulations to follow when hiring a marquee, or party tent.

Do I require an Event Tent or a marquee?

This could lead to confusion, depending on the location you live across the globe. The meaning of both is the same: a huge and usually lavish tent for instance. In the UK the use of a huge tent for events is usually referred to as the marquee. You can also look for the best waterproof marquee hire company

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With the advancement of flooring systems and heating systems, the time of the winter isn't a problem when you hire a marquee or tent for a party. Many marquees hire companies to provide heaters as part of their hire packages for marquees or charge a minimal cost for hiring.

What type of Tent?

The most well-known marquee is the frame marquee. This is an ideal choice since it doesn't require additional space for ropes for the guy in the same way, so long you have enough space, the marquee can be incorporated into the space.

Questions that you must be asking your employer-

The first thing to note when you contact your marquee rental company is the date and location where the wedding event or celebration will be held. 

Always inquire if there are any additional charges or items that are not part of the cost. This could include taxes, travel costs, etc. Be sure to inquire about the amount of deposit they need. Most marquee-hire businesses include the details in the quotation.