Eyelash Extensions Myths You Should Know

Beautiful eyes are what every woman wants, except for a slim body, smooth skin, sharp nose, tanned or white skin, bigger eyelids, and longer eyelashes. They are what the world community considers beautiful today.

To get beautiful eyes, many women with short lashes choose eyelash extensions to get longer and more beautiful looking lashes. Asian women, for example, are mostly born with shorter lashes and therefore many of them get lash extensions.

However, there are many myths about eyelash extensions that you need to know so that you don't get blown away when deciding to get your extension. You can also search the web to find the most trusted hair salon in Shelton CT for hair, make-up, eyelashes.

Many people have pain when they have extensions. Now that's when it was done by ordinary people. If it's done by a professional barking stylish, it won't hurt at all. That way, if you get it and it hurts, you should have a trained stylist to fix it.

They know how to do it properly and safely so as not to pose any harm once installed. One of the biggest concerns for women looking to lengthen is that it will cause their natural lashes to fall out. Your lashes continue to grow and live for about 60-90 days.

So don't be surprised if they fall. They all grow at different stages. Usually, you lose 1-3 lashes a day without realizing it because they are so small. Another biggest and worrying myth is that natural lashes are associated with growing, elongated lashes.

A final common myth about lash extensions is that when you remove them, your natural lashes will become shorter. The fact is that extensions do not interfere with natural lash growth.

What can happen is that you get used to looking at yourself in the mirror with long lashes. When you remove the extension, you will notice that the natural lashes look very short and thin. It takes time to get used to it.