Explore Different Types of heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are an important fastener in today’s devices. Heat exchangers aren't just found in the simplest devices. Heat exchangers are used primarily to transfer heat. There are different types of  wood boiler heat exchangers  available in the market.These are often used in air-conditioning and car radiators.

wood boiler heat exchangers

Following are the different types of heat exchanger available in market:

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

This type is made up of two types or bundles of tubes, as the name implies. The first set contains the liquid, which must be heated or cooled. The second set is located next to the first. It either heats or cools this system. The shell is the area that surrounds the tube bundles. 

  • Brazed Heat Exchangers

These heat exchangers can be described as a type plate heat exchanger. These heat exchangers are made up of several plates that are placed in parallel with each other, leaving a small space between them. The plates have holes that allow fluid to flow between them and heat can be transferred. Brazing is now more efficient thanks to the use of a vacuum furnace. This design is also smaller than tube and shell exchangers so it can be more effective in certain applications.

  • Plate Fin Heat Exchangers

This design allows heat to be moved between fluids through finned chambers or plates. It is made up of several corrugated sheets that are divided by metal plates. These sheets are connected by finned chambers. Special layers allow both hot and cold fluids to flow. These heat exchangers are also strengthened by the fins that allow heat to flow through them.

  • Heat exchangers for pillow plates

These exchangers can be used to cool. Cooling milk in the dairy industry is one example. Spot welding together a thick metal sheet with a thin sheet to make a pillow plate is a method of creating a joint.

 These  are the different  types of  heat exchanger available in the market you can purchase as per your need.