EBooks – The Digital Revolution In Front Of Our Eyes

E-books or electronic books are causing a quiet revolution in our modern-day lives. So what are e-books exactly? An e-book is an electronic book, or a book consisting of a computer file, itself a collection of digital information, such as PDF or portable document format.

The PDF has the advantage that anyone can view or print the document using the reader software available as a free download. You can easily get the best & popular science books to read right now.

The information for the text and images in an e-book is processed in a number of possible ways (by scanning, for example, or created in a software program), to turn it into numbers, or 'digits'.

E-books, or electronic books, are for viewing on electronic devices, not only desktop computers but also laptops, the newer, smaller, net-books, as well as hand-held – personal digital assistants and even the newer, larger-screened cell phones.

E-books can now also be read by dedicated e-book readers, which will be the topic of my next article, just to say here that they should not be underestimated.

E-books can be sent anywhere in the world in seconds, can be viewed and printed by anyone with a normal computer setup, cost nothing to reproduce and for me, one of the most attractive benefits is that they are extremely easy to create.