Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta Can Help You Deal With Insurance Adjusters

It can be difficult to determine a claim's worth. It is possible to wonder if the adjuster's valuation of your claim is fair. After all, he has an interest in ensuring that your case doesn't settle for a large amount. 

An experienced car accident attorney in Atlanta GA from can help you deal with insurance adjusters. Your lawyer can help you understand the factors used by insurance companies to assign a dollar value to your injury.

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Legal Fault

The most important aspect of your case is to determine who was responsible (or at fault) for your injuries. An auto accident lawyer in Atlanta will be able to analyze the law about your accident. Even if you are only partially responsible for the accident, it can lower your case value. 

Attenuating Factors

A car accident lawyer in Atlanta can also look into potential negatives regarding the potential defendant in your case. These factors can help strengthen your case and encourage the defendant to settle out of court. These factors include any prior court orders against the defendant, negative publicity, and pending criminal charges against the defendant.  

Expect the insurance adjuster will do some research on your attorney. The adjuster will examine your attorney's past wins and losses. You'll want to ensure that the lawyer in Atlanta you choose is experienced.

Outside Consultants

An experienced car accident lawyer in Atlanta will also know that adjusters may use other valuation sources to price your claim. This could include the services of other lawyers, review of similar claims from the past, or software that calculates the value. Each will be addressed by your attorney.

An experienced lawyer in auto accidents can help you deal with adjusters and process your claim. He has the experience and knowledge to get effective results.