All About Electricians Work & Education In North Shore

Electricians are in the Business of Electricity – An electrician's job is to ensure that the high and low voltage electrical wiring is correctly installed in modern building construction or not. Master electrician are required to calculate the electrical load for electrical installations.


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They must have blueprints that show where load centers, circuits, outlets, and other electrical equipment are located. 

Electrician's tools

The tools electricians need are conduit benders, wire strippers, screwdrivers, and hacksaws. They also need power and cordless tools such as drills and saws.

Conduit Systems Installation

As shown in the blue print, electricians must run conduits through walls, partitions, and hidden areas. It is mandatory to use metal boxes and conduits. They tighten connectors and couplings, and then attach them to walls to pull the wires. 

Special connectors are used to connect the wires in the boxes. To complete an electrical installation, they place trim plates after the drywall has been painted.

Different types of electricians

Factory maintenance electricians may have to repair transformers, generators, and motors. The electrician's certification and the place he works will determine what actual work he does. Electricians who are licensed to perform maintenance or installation work can do it.

Conditions of Employment

Electricians can work outdoors or indoors. They travel to factories, homes and offices, as well as construction sites.