All About Direct To Garment Printing On Dark Colors

Fundamentally there are two kinds of T-shirt printing and also the most notable among them will be screen printing since it is in existence for at least a century, it is quicker and much more importantly it is also less costly. On the other hand, the new kind of digital printing called direct to garment printing is grabbing and gaining approval globally due to its outstanding quality.

The current day guide to garment printing technologies is predicated on a system that's very similar to an inkjet printer. The only difference here is that you are printing on garment instead of paper.

You won't understand the difference if you don't are feeling it yourself. Direct to garment published goods feel exactly the exact same even after the picture is published on the garment and this is exactly what makes them unique. If you want to get the services of custom direct to garment (DTG) t-shirt printing, then you can browse the web.


For many people, relaxation is the top priority and for that reason, they would not mind paying a bit more if they were planning to get garments that were smooth and did not have any sort of rough edges.

At first, when this technology was initially introduced, the process was only pertinent to light-colored clothing as it never seemed good on dark colors on account of the poor technology.

There are a few which do provide printing on dark colors, but only a few of these provide you quality solutions.

The majority of the smaller firms offering this service would not use the finest colors and also the last print would not only be of lesser quality but also lighter. You can not really blame them because the total cost of the ink used is so large and people will not be ready to cover modest businesses' cash.