A Brief History About Dental Veneers

Just brushing your teeth in the morning is not enough for the extensive dental care that is often required. Many dentists will suggest veneers for aesthetic reasons or to repair damages. 

The veneer is a fine layer of material applied on top of the tooth. It is composed of composite or porcelain. Therefore you can get composite and porcelain veneers in East Bentleigh through your local dentist.

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Veneers first came into use in the 20th century to temporarily alter the appearance of a person's teeth in film footage in silent film. Ten years later, the dentist who designed the first veneer created acrylic veneers that were held with dental adhesive. They were cemented for only a few minutes because of the poor adhesion material.

Etching was developed in the late fifties to study the possibility of ways to bond porcelain veneers with etched enamel. The eighties saw the first time it was found the possibility of etching porcelain by hydrofluoric acid. It was also discovered that bond strengths could be created between composite resins as well as porcelain thought to be capable of holding porcelain veneers on the tooth's surface for a long time.

There are now better adhesives and cements so that veneers will last between 10 and 30 years. They are replaced because of cracking, leaks, chipping or discoloration, decay, loss of teeth as well as damage caused by injury or grinding of teeth.

Dental veneers address a variety of dental issues and belong to the category that is known as cosmetic dentistry. As time passes the enamel that protects the teeth to protect them can wear down, dull, and discolored. The wear could be caused by genetics or natural causes. Most often, it's due to behaviors like drinking coffee, smoking tea, tea, or soda or taking medication.