5 Reasons To Consider Epoxy Floors For Your Home

If you're thinking about all the reasons why epoxy floors might be a good option for your home, you'll find them in this blog article. 

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It starts with some of the benefits they can offer before moving on to how you can use them to create a more durable floor that lasts longer. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider this option for your flooring needs:

1. It's easy to install – You can install an epoxy floor just like you would any other wood or carpet tile floor. The process will take a few days to complete, but it really isn't very time consuming at all because everything goes down together in one step. 

2. It's easy to maintain – Once you're finished with an epoxy floor installation, they're super easy to maintain. Just sweep up any debris left on the floor, mop as necessary and wash dishes in your kitchen or bathroom as usual!

3. You can't ruin it – I have a few friends with ceramic tile in their homes and they have no problem with them. They can be damaged by poor cleaning, but even after years of use they look great.

4. Price – At the time of writing this review, Home Depot has a 13 year product warranty on their epoxy floors for $15 per sq ft (or $110/sq. yd) installed (approx $3/sq ft). 

5. Durability – if you want to do the house yourself (I know I do!), then epoxy floors are a very durable choice! The durometer is .60 and it has extremely low moisture absorption, meaning that spills, etc will not cause damage.